About Me

For those of you who know me, you know that I love to travel.  You also know that I love to eat.  I will happily talk about these two subjects for quite some time.  Thus… the birth of a blog. 🙂

In my "happy place"...

In my “happy place”…

For those of you who don’t know me very well, here’s my little scoop…  “I’m lucky enough to live at the beach” as they say, in a one-square mile, Victorian town in New Jersey called Ocean Grove.  My main job is “mom” to my crazy, funny and sweet, 12-year old son, Ryan.  I also work for a Language Interpreting Agency & my husband’s computer business, I sell my photos on Etsy and I’m also a consultant with It Works!  When I’m not doing one of those things, I’m usually planning, booking or daydreaming about my next trip (or my next meal – lol)!

I first left the country when I was 4, on a family vacation to Bermuda.  My son first left the country when he was 1, on a cruise to Bermuda.  Purely coincidence, but I like how it worked out.  I prefer to go where it’s warm… I’ve been to more than 20 Caribbean destinations and sailed on roughly 16 cruises.  The perfect combination of aqua blue water, white sand and palm trees can LITERALLY make me cry.  I also spent 6 months in Europe when I was in college and I’ve traveled fairly extensively throughout the United States.

And… I take pictures of my food.  Yes, I’m that annoying person.  But I LOVE a good meal and truly appreciate every delicious bite.  One of my favorite foods as a kid was escargot – that should have been a sign.  So I often post pics of my meals and will include many here, along with any great restaurants I find, both locally and in my travels.  Enjoy or ignore… but it’s definitely one of my “things!”

I’m hoping that from my past & future trips, I can offer some advice, share some photos, provide a little humor and include my favorite culinary delights with anyone who also revels in these passions of mine.  Enjoy & CHEERS!

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