Next Stop… Costa Rica!


One month from today, I will be waking up here… at the Flamingo Beach Resort in the Guanacaste area of Costa Rica. ūüôā

This year’s “Girls Getaway” was booked faster than any other. ¬†We found an AWESOME deal on the airfare… an unheard of $275 for round-trip, non-stop flights from Newark on United. ¬†This made the destination a no-brainer. ¬†Then we quickly selected this resort based on it’s beautiful beach, the all-inclusive option, a full range of amenities (including ¬†a spa) and the stellar reviews we read online.

This will be my 2nd trip to Costa Rica, the first being a cruise stop on the Caribbean side where we explored the city of Limon, zip-lined through the rain forest, ¬†and came up close & personal with a 3-toed sloth who had ventured down from the trees to do his weekly “business” (my highlight of the trip). ¬†But now I’m heading to the Pacific Coast, to this fairly new tourist destination where people are scooping up properties, surfing the many beaches and living the “Pura Vida” lifestyle.

Flamingo Beach is considered one of the nicest in the area, featuring white sand, gentle waves and that gorgeous Pacific sunset. ¬†The resort itself, however, is a little different than where we usually stay. ¬†It’s much smaller, the pool is fairly basic (although it does have a swim-up bar), the rooms look very nice but not overly luxurious and there’s only 1 actual restaurant, compared to the 5 or more we’ve been spoiled by at our previous resorts. ¬†But we’re looking forward to trying something new and everything here sounds amazing. The area looks gorgeous, the service sounds top-notch and the food should be a real treat as the resort utilizes its own organic garden & meals here feature fresh, local specialties.

I can’t wait to hear the monkeys in the trees, be surrounded by tropical vegetation, paddle board in the Pacific & catch those spectacular sunsets every night. ¬†I think this is going to be a good one!!!

If you’ve been here… please share your must-see or must-do list in the comments below!!! ¬†Thank you!

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Visit the resort’s web site here:

And check out their great video:

Guilty of a Little Self-Promotion…


I love to travel… and I enjoy writing. ¬†But can I make a career out of it? ¬†Or at the very least, earn a few free trips? ¬†Who knows, but I’m proud to say that I’ve taken the first step by landing a freelance writing position with a new travel web site called ¬†They specialize in “recommendations” vs “reviews” & this, my very first article, was published this week.

Will do my best to keep them coming… Wish me luck!

– Kristin

Why You Should be Jealous of Seagulls


I know… they’re dirty, disgusting scavengers. ¬†They look their best from far away, as a silhouette in the sky. ¬†But you know what? ¬†I think they may just be on to something…

  • Seagulls spend every day at the beach, hanging out with their friends.
  • They get to swim, relax in the sun & blissfully stare out at the sea.
  • They can go to any beach, any time, any where. ¬†Or even multiple beaches in the same¬†day without having to set up, pack up or pay.
  • They have¬†unlimited access¬†to an all-u-can-eat,¬†fresh seafood buffet. ¬†For a change of pace, they can dip into any number of unattended snacks on the beach.
  • And they can fly. ¬†I don’t know about you, but being able to soar through the sky and easily travel from place to place would be my dream come true.

So the next time one of these squawking birds walks over to your towel and tries to steal a piece of your sandwich, give him a little credit… he’s managed to take “beach life” to a whole new level!

September Summer :)

For those of us who are lucky enough to live at the Jersey Shore year round, we know that September is one of the best months of the year here.  The weather is still warm enough to enjoy the beach during the day and cool enough to sleep with the windows open at night.  We fall back into our routines without having to deal with crowds, traffic or tourists.

IMG_20150905_160925This time of year you can visit the beach for free,
and without the fear of being impaled by hundreds
of poorly planted umbrellas. There aren’t any crazy tents or people painted white with sunscreen. ¬†No one will be walking across your towel,¬†feeding the seagulls right next to you or¬†setting up shop so close that you can actually hold hands.¬†¬†When you live here, beach etiquette is an unwritten rule that everyone knows how to follow.

Walking on the boardwalk or strolling around town is also more pleasurable now… you’re not sweating, or dodging in and out of crowds. No one is stopping suddenly, trying to figure out where they’re going or blocking the middle of the sidewalk while they wait for their party to catch up. ¬†There aren’t any crazy lines for ice cream or for dinner. ¬†You can eat anywhere, with little or no waiting, and park wherever you’d like.


Tourism certainly helps¬†fuel our economy so we really can’t knock this crazy influx of people during the summer months. However,¬†once Labor Day has passed, it’s hard not to celebrate the return of our peaceful little paradise!

Sadly, the forecast looks rainy for the next few days but there will still be plenty of time to get out there and enjoy this magical month at the Jersey Shore!