1/2 Price Drinks & Apps at Moonstruck


Stop by Moonstruck, on Lake Ave in Asbury Park, on Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays from 4-6pm and enjoy a cocktail, some delicious appetizers & great service… all at 1/2 price!

This time of year I love the classy, cozy atmosphere of the 1st floor lounge, but I also can’t wait to get outside on one of their beautiful porches once the weather warms up!  Moonstruck offers something for everyone and will be packed as soon as the summer season is upon us, so take advantage of this awesome special now – it’s well worth the trip!

Another "happy" Happy Hour for some "Ladies of Embury Avenue" - Stacey, Susan, Me, Jane & Betty :)  Cheers!

Another “Happy” Hour for some “Ladies of Embury Avenue”… Cheers from Stacey, Susan, me, Jane & Betty 🙂

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