I Don’t Really Bake…

It’s obvious that I love food.  And I do like to cook, on occasion.  But the art of baking is just not my strong suit.  It could be due to the fact that I’m working with a 1950s GE oven that doesn’t exactly heat evenly, or it could just be the time involved with baking that I don’t have the patience for.  In any case, this morning I rolled up my sleeves, put on my apron (not really) and whipped up some breakfast… Blueberry Muffins, using a boxed mix.

IMG_20160703_103341-1Now the reason I’m excited about this, is because I found a mix that seems not only healthy, but let’s me put my own spin on the recipe (which I often do anyway).  The secret ingredient is “Krusteaz Organic Whole Grain Muffin Mix” – sounds perfect, right?  And it is!  A plain, health-conscious batter that you can doctor up any way you like & call it your very own.  All it takes is 2 eggs, a little oil & some milk (and you can even substitute the oil with applesauce if you’re really on the wagon).  Then you simply add whatever you like… fruit, nuts, etc., and voila… you’ve created your very own specialty muffin.  By the way, if I have to crack eggs & measure ingredients, that’s certainly baking to me.

So this morning, we happen to have an overabundance of fresh-picked blueberries from a farm share that we belong to (www.honeybrookorganicfarm.com) which spawned this whole endeavor.  We decided to add a little organic, unsweetened coconut to the mix for fun… and the result?  Some of the best damn muffins I’ve ever had.  That I “baked” myself. 🙂


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