Wearable Treasures!

11-22-04 011

What souvenirs do you buy when traveling? T-shirts? A shot glass? Christmas ornaments? In addition to picking up a small piece of local artwork, I almost always come home with a piece of jewelry. It could be a ring with a stone native to the area, a high-end piece that I found for a great price, or a simple beaded bracelet from a local vendor on the beach. In any case, I love having a unique jewelry design that I can wear as a memory from each trip.

I recently came across a line of bracelets that was based on this very premise… Melanie Vandersluis began collecting bracelets from each of her travels. After a 7-week trip to Israel, France & Greece, she came home and decided to turn this passion of hers into a business.  Melanie Audrey, her Montreal-based company, creates beautiful, hand-crafted bracelets using natural stone beads or sturdy paracord designs. Each comes with its own unique story based on the people and places she’s encountered while traveling. Click HERE to read Melanie’s story 🙂

I have to say it took me a while to put my order together because I wanted them all! My first choice, however, was an easy one. Santorini, Greece is currently at the number one spot on my travel bucket list, so the set of Santorini Stacks was a no-brainer! Featuring 4 separate bracelets, each with Picture Jasper stones around the back and then one each of Larvikite, Clear Quartz, Larimar & Lapis Lazuli on front. Each stone has a wonderful meaning and worn all together, they are perfect!


My general love of travel drew me to the Passport Wanderer. Made with 2 kinds of Jasper beads & Larvikite, these healing stones look great and the story sounded like my own personal fantasy (even though it’s written from a man’s point of view… lol!)

This is a great, neutral starter and would mix nicely with any of the other bracelets in this collection.


Screenshot_2016-08-26-09-46-38-1My final pick was the Heart of Gold bracelet… created for the kind of person that everyone should aspire to be. I’ll be keeping this one for myself but I’m sure to be ordering these for some special people in my life! This beautiful bracelet features Rose Quartz, Coral & Picture Jasper.

All of Melanie Audrey’s bracelets can be ordered in a small, medium or large & can easily be shipped to the U.S.  They come packaged in a little burlap bag & each story is included inside. Please note all prices are listed in Canadian dollars, so you’ll have to do a quick currency conversion to get the US price.

I love these bracelets & their stories… Thank you to Instagram for introducing me to Melanie Audrey! Check out her gallery at @bymelanieaudrey & shop right online at www.melanieaudrey.com.

Screenshot_2016-08-26-10-28-13-1Here are a few of my “treasures” from past trips… Starting at the top left I have a Mother of Pearl Ring from Puerto Vallarta, a set of white, yellow & rose gold rings from Bermuda, a Swatch Watch from Curacao, a CZ Necklace from St. Thomas, my “Pura Vida” bracelet from Costa Rica, my diamond Palm Tree Necklace (that took me 2 years to find) from St. Kitts, a rainbow bead bracelet from my most recent trip Punta Cana and a great Turquoise ring in sterling silver from Cancun.  Jewelry is definitely my weakness!!!